Hello!  You probably got here by going to

Eero is a company that makes WiFi mesh routers.  You buy one or more boxes from them, plug one of the boxes into your Internet connection, and spread all of the boxes around your home.  Eero uses their technology to ensure that your entire home has good wireless coverage, even though not all of the Eero boxes are plugged in to Internet.

I bought an Eero system for my parents for Christmas this year, and when I got my credit card statement, I noticed the purchase included the string “”.  I think what Eero meant to use was “”, because that is their web site, but something in the middle removed the “://“ part.  It might have been their credit card processor, or it might have been my bank.  Or maybe it was something else entirely!

Out of curiosity, I noticed that was not registered, so I registered it.  I did that to see if other people were as confused (or as curious) as I was.

I registered on December 30, US/Pacific time.  I plan on holding onto it for a month or two, to see if anyone else goes here.  After that, I’m going to reach out to Eero, to see if they want for themselves.  If they don’t, then I’ll let it expire.  Otherwise, I’ll transfer it to them!

If you are trying to find out about a mysterious charge on your credit card, and the mysterious charge says “eero” or “”, you can contact Eero at, or by phone at +1 877 659-2347.