How About This? An Introduction

From time to time (and more often when I have more free time), I wonder “Hmmm, how would I solve [insert problem here].”, and from time to time I think “How about this?”  That’s what I’ll be using this category for, problems that I find interesting, and that my solution might work for.

Am I going to be talking about things that are way out of my depth?  Probably!  Am I going to be talking about problems that have already been solved?  Most likely!  But hey, you never know, it might be useful!


Time for the obligatory first post!  Every once in a while, I have something that I think justifies the effort to write down.  When such a thing happens, I’m going to put it here.  I’m not going to be talking about anything specifically, but my posts will likely be related to my background in IT.

I’ll talk more about my background in a later post.  Until then…